Your Ex Isn't the Only One Getting Rich Off You!

In short, the divorce system is for lawyers, by lawyers.  Big bucks are involved.  And attorneys are drawn to big bucks like flies to honey.  The medium salary and wage income for lawyers in Tennessee is between $111,000 and $120,000.  One might think the lawyers are just taking advantage of laws that just happen to exist.  No, that is not the case.  Guess who advises the Tennessee Legislature on divorce law. The very lawyers who benefit!   "In 2002, the Tennessee Bar Association Family Law Section Code Commission determined that recent case law developments in the Tennessee Appellate Courts resulted in unfair decisions against spouses needing and deserving support.'  Even they know it's unfair.  Most would agree lawyers are the last people they want determining who is needing and deserving.  To see what respect the public have for lawyers click here.

If there is any doubt that the Tennessee lawyers make the alimony laws work for them and against you, below is from the bylaws of the Tennessee Bar Association Family Law Section

1.2 Purpose
This section exists to promote the objectives of the TBA, particularly as they relate to the areas of laws encompassed within the name of the section. To that end, the section shall serve as a medium through which its members may undertake activities designed
(1) to enhance their knowledge, competence and skills within this field,
(2) to assist and cooperate with each other in addressing problems within this field, (3) to seek uniformity and improvements in this field of law by collaborating with the TBA regarding legislative recommendations, and (4) to encourage better communication between those lawyers engaged in this field of law. In so doing, the section may act alone or in concert with other sections or committees of the TBA, or such other organizations as shall be deemed appropriate by the council created in Article VI. empasis added  Source

Yes, the Tennessee legislature is "collaboraties with the TBA" to make you become and remain forever an indentured servant. And the result is you get to support your ex, two lawyers, and a court system.