Why Women File for Divorce More Than Men

In 2000, two law professors, Margaret Brinig from Notre Dame University and Douglas Allen from Iowa, conducted a surprising study. The two professors studied 46,000 divorce cases filed in four states (Connecticut, Virginia, Montana and Oregon) to find out why women file for divorce. The results of that study published in, "These Boots Are Made for Walking: Why Most Divorce Filers Are Women" proved to be surprising. Women are 66 percent more likely to file for a divorce than a man, Brinig and Allen say. However, the reason why has proven unexpected.

Domestic Violence Not a Factor

Contrary to expectations, divorcing in order to escape domestic violence was not prevalent, according to this landmark study. In Virginia, for example, only 6 percent of the divorce cases showed violence as a cause for the divorce.

With women being over 50 times more likely to receive alimony than men it turns out to be a no brainer on why women are more likey to file for divorce.

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