Never Agree for Her to Quit Work - It Will Set You Up

One of the ploys your future ex might use as she sets you up for lifetime alimony in Tennessee is to quit her job before filing.  Her attorney may very well advise her to quit work and stick it out in the marriage for several years before filing for divorce in order be in a position to receive alimony for life. The name of the game these legalized extortionists play is to make them look as helpless as possible and to demonstrate they have "needs" - and you have "the ability to pay."

The longer she goes without working will be looked on by a judge as being proof that she can not re-enter the workforce and that you are fully capable of supporting the two of you, whether married or not.  It is highly unlikely that she will want to actually have to work for a living, she will want to sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day and live the easy life while you struggle to make alimony payments.  It is important she demonstrate she is physically capable of working, that she keep her work qualifications and experience current, and that it is demonstrated that it takes the two of you to support the family.