If You Are Married In Tennessee With the Slightest Problem -
Divorce Now Before It's Too Late

All marriages at times have their difficulties.  Once trouble develops in a marriage the noble thing to do is attempt to find a solution to save the marriage. But, thanks to the Tennessee Legislature, you can pay dearly for prolonging what in many circumstances is the inevitable.  Taking time to go through years of counseling and reconciliation only sets you up to be more vulnerable to lifetime alimony. You may believe the honorable thing to do is to stay together for the childeren (she may encourage this), but this is simply adding additional years to the marriage which will heighten your chances of paying lifetime alimony.  Number three on the list of items to be consider for enslaving you is how long you stayed in that failing marriage.The longer you stay in a marriage the more likely you are to receive the punishment of lifetime alimony.

In determining whether the granting of an order for payment of support and maintenance to a party is appropriate, and in determining the nature, amount, length of term, and manner of payment, the court shall consider all relevantfactors, including:
(1) The relative earning capacity, obligations, needs, and financial resources of each party, including income from pension, profit sharing or retirement plans and other sources;
(2) The relative education and training of each party, the ability and opportunity of each party to secure such education and training, and the necessity of a party to secure further education and training to improve such party’s earning capacity to a reasonable level;
(3) The duration of the marriage;

Remain in that unhappy marriage long enough and you will be forced into lifetime alimony - you pay until either you or she dies. The legislature has provided that if she remarries that alimony will end, but she is not about to give up her sugar daddy when the legislature doesn't care if she co-habitates; that is correct, your alimony pays her to not get married!  All with the blessing of the sanctimonious Tennessee Legislature.

So the intelligent thing to do at the first sign the marriage is over is file for divorce immediately.  You can try to work things out later if you wish. Just keep in mind when it comes to Tennessee law, the longer you are married, the more you will be punished, the more she will be empowered to control your life.