It's Legal in Tennessee for Your Ex-Spouse to Co-habitate -
While Living Off You

Yes, it is true.  While you go to work everyday, pay your taxes, be a good citizen, and pay for your ex to stay home, she doesn't have to be alone and lonely.  The morally superior Tennessee Legislature and the Tennessee Bar, have seen fit to allow cohabitation on the part of that parasite to whom you send checks every month, even if it's with the person who broke up the marriage and even if she admitted in court they had discussed cohabitating.  Take for instance the case of Dr. Strait (lawyers love to go after doctors - big bucks from those deep pockets).   The leech admitted she had a young dude shacking up with her, but claimed she should still be permitted to draw blood from the hard-working doctor because her paramour really wasn't helping her financially - and the courts bought it.  Tennessee - what a great state to live in if you believe in slavery and you get to play the part of the master!